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Press Release

Press Release

Concord, CA, Aug. 2008

Video Introductions, Northern California's oldest dating service, announces Baby Creations to show members what their future child might look like and Age Progression to show a member how they might look when they're older.

More importantly, these features draw awareness to serious dating issues concerning having children, superficial attraction, compatibility and aging.

Baby Creations - Video Introductions website analyzes physical features of photos of two people to produce a high quality, realistic baby photo. Prospective daters or serious couples can also use this to initiate important, thought provoking considerations and discussions about having children.

Age Progression - shows a member what they might look like as they age - to draw attention to dating issues related to physical appearance and aging.

Age Progression Considerations:

Relevance of These Features: Studies show that people are attracted to physically attractive people (even babies seem to prefer an attractive face according to one study). To help members avoid the common mistake of selecting someone based primarily on attractive looks - and learning later that they were incompatible from the start - members are encouraged to use Video Introductions unique compatibility assessments to first display their most and least compatible partners, to give a rational counterbalance to superficial-attraction based choices. Reversing the Attraction Process:

To help singles better understand perplexing issues they face in finding, choosing and keeping a suitable partner, relationship tips and other advice and services are provided

Video Introductions was founded in 1977 to provide video dating, singles counseling and personal growth services to singles. Video Introductions also published the first consumers guide to dating services in 1982.

Video Introductions founder Norman Mickey, a Social Worker, also submitted the original proposal to former President Clinton's Welfare Reform Task Force to help single recipients move up from welfare through dating and marital assistance services. Norman Mickey was founding President of the Social Workers Union in Contra Costa County, CA in 1967 and former Executive Board Member of the Central Labor Council.

In addition to paid membership plans, Video Introductions offers a free Passive membership in which a member can meet anyone who selects them. To help low-income singles, Video Introductions offers a Conditional Payment membership (payable only if the person gets married to a member) allowing a person who couldn't otherwise afford a better membership, to make selections as well as be selected for more effective results.

Video Introductions is known for ethical business practices and humane, personalized, innovative services. Video Introductions is a long term Honor Roll Member of the Better Business Bureau, never having a formal complaint about dating practices since Video Introductions was founded.

Enabling Singles Ethically Since 1977

Contact Person: Norman Mickey
Company Name: Video Introductions
Phone: (925)676-2399

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