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City: Novokuznetsk
Country: Russia
Gender: female
Age: 44
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
(167.6 centimeters)
Weight: 136
(61.8 kilograms)
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Marital Status: divorced
Education: bachelor's degree
Occupation: Commercial worker
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
Gender and Birthdates of Children
Margarita is raising:
Son, 22, Daughter 14
Wants children?
Would Margarita date
someone raising children?
Interests: Traveling, making the house cozy, music, cinema, pets, communication with my friends, flowers, concerts, presents, riding in cars, nature, beautiful things. I like vegetables and fish.
Values: I value decency and honesty.
Personality: Reliable, faithful, optimistic, Very communicative, decent, faithful, cheerful, romantic, honest, too trusting. I am calm, sympathetic, intelligent, sense of humor. I know how to make friends, laugh, succeed & teach my children these things.
What Margarita is looking for
in a partner?
Mutual understanding & respect, calm, tolerant, kind, man to 59. He'll be the only man in my life & I'll be with him everywhere & always. I want to celebrate holidays with him & make every day a holiday for him. I'll do everything to make him happy.
Does smoke? no
Would Margarita date a smoker? yes
Margarita's race: Caucasian
Would Margarita date
outside of Margarita's race?
Margarita's religion: Christian
Would Margarita date outside
of Margarita's religion?
Additional Comments: I'll be a faithful, loving wife, a sincere friend. Note: Margarita (Rita) is the first woman featured on the Russian Connection videotape "Women Of Siberia - Part 1".

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