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First Name:

Year Photo Taken: 2007
(Year documented by Video Introductions)

City: Concord
State: California
Country: United States
Gender: male
Sexual Identification: Straight
Age: 53
Height: 6 Feet 0 Inches
(182.9 centimeters)
Weight: 200
(90.9 kilograms)
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Marital Status: single
Education: high school
Occupation: Self employed - landscape maintainance business
Languages Spoken: English, some Spanish
Gender and Birthdates of Children
Laith is raising:
Wants children? yes
Would Laith date
someone raising children?
Values: Loyalty, consideration, honesty, ambition, drive to succeed, caring.
Personality: Loyal, very good hearted, strong, love animals, love kids, love to be successful and hard working to achieve that.
Achievements: Business owner for 12 years and home owner since 1990, successfully raised many animals with love.
Aspirations: To have a beautiful wife, inside and out and to have a great family in time.
What Laith is looking for
in a partner?
Loyalty, good hearted, considerate, pretty all around, sensible, smart, and being my best friend as well as my love for life.
Does smoke? no
Would Laith date a smoker? maybe
Laith's race: Caucasian
Would Laith date
outside of Laith's race?
Laith's religion: Christian
Would Laith date outside
of Laith's religion?
Political Views: Unselected
Additional Comments: I've never been a real religious person. I believe in God and he is with us all the time watching over us. If you are a good person, good things for the most part will happen to you. Dating someone of another race: If they are a good person I like, that's what matters.

Activities I want to
share with a Partner:

Relaxing together

Sprots, biking, tennis, walks with my dogs, etc.
My Three Heroes/Heroines: My dad


Donald Trump
To Me, Success is: Have loving, caring people in my life

Financial security

Family honest, loyalty
Things I'd like to
improve about myself:
Sleeping longer so I'm not so tired

Worries that don't help

Looking at the good rather than the bad, keeping quiet about complaints
Things I pride myself on: Hare work, success financially

Love of animals and children

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